Matt Roe

New, Returning and Premium Clients

Make sure you have your ideas ready in advance, this can be in the form of either a concept, theme or collection of inspirational images.

Make sure you know where on the body you want your tattoo, and at least a rough idea of size – the more info you have the easier the process will be.

There is always room for alterations once you have booked.

Once we’ve received your booking request we do our utmost to respond swiftly, however due to high volume of submissions, response times can vary.

At this stage Matt will confirm appointments for designs that are in keeping with his signature style.

Once we have reached out to you, an estimation of the length of the appointments and date options will be presented.

A deposit of £200 is required before your appointment can be confirmed. Once received, a date will be agreed and set. Dates can be changed with 2 weeks notice but all deposits are non refundable.

All artwork will be drawn up and finalised the week of your appointment. Once in session all designs including placement and size will be addressed.

If Matt’s books are closed and you still wish to book an appointment before they reopen the premium bookings offer the opportunity for spaces out of Matt’s standard working hours and can normally be arranged within the month.

Premium client bookings are charged at double hourly rate.